Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New sign

We are always trying to "gussy up" the booth.  Candice and the kids made a new sign for the show at the Zilker Botanical Garden in Austin this past weekend.  Candice cut all the pieces out with her laser machine and the kids painted all the stuff and put it together...it looked really good in the booth.

These are some of the letters that were cut out by the laser.  Candice used Masonite for the letters, flowers and the pot.

This is the drop (the stuff we don't use) from the laser, pretty cool stuff.

Sign painters from left to right...Candice, Zeb and Lena Marie.

Zeb and Lena Marie takin' a break.

Lena Marie and Zeb...taking all the credit.

Finished sign in the booth.  It really looked great and even got some inquires.  People are always amazed at what the laser machine is capable of...but it's really what the designer is capable of.  THANKS for the new sign Candice!!!

Perch or no perch???

Hey there, the bird houses continue to develop.  The first batch of 14 went really well but the question of having a perch or not was on the mind of birders.  In an attempt to make a nice birdhouse that birds will use and folks will want in their gardens we are trying new things.  If you are a birder and have thoughts...I'd be glad to her them.

This past weekend we did the Zilker Garden Show in Austin texas.  Here is a shot of the two houses side by side.  In the shot you can see the perch or no perch option and the smaller hole size in the no perch option.  The smaller hole size is what we are currently using on all the bird houses.  After the drying and firing shrinkage the hole is not at about 1" to 1 1/8".  The birders like it better...time will tell what the birds think.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Bird House anyone?

The bird houses are glazed and wired up.  I am pleased how they turned out and hope they are well received by feathered and non-feathered folks!  I didn't get as much shrinkage as I calculated for, so the entry hole is just a tad too big at 1 1/2" diameter - the next batch I'll take that into consideration and see if I can get it a bit smaller.  

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bird house development

We are always thinking of new forms that we can have in the booth.  The bird feeder has been really successful so we started chatting about the next form.  I've been really thinking about this and have finally came up with something that is looking pretty good.  I really like the development stage of making pots.  All the trouble shooting and getting the different pieces to look good together is all the fun for me.  The perch on the birdhouse is a mug handle which I thought was pretty clever.  The body of the birdhouse if very similar to the flower pots and the spout at the bottom acts as drainage, a vent and ties it together with the aesthetic of the other pots.  The lid is just like the bird feeder and will hang just like the bird feeder does.  I figure the sliding lid will allow for easy seasonal clean out.  The hardest part, so far, was trying to pull a handle from the birdhouse at a 90 degree angle.  So, I got some beer bottles and attached my handle lug to the bottle and pulled it right on the bottle.  When the handle stiffened up a bit I was able to pop it off the bottle and score and slip it to the birdhouse and the connection was still pretty clean.  Here are a couple of photos.  I'll post more when we actually get one glazed and assembled.  By the way, the Shiner brewery is just down the road from us but they are not paying me to use their beer bottles...darn.

Tiles on exhibit

Stephanie Craig of Hectic Studio lives in the burbs of Cleveland, Ohio.  She just curated a tile exhibition at the college there and invited me to be in the show. So I got to make some tiles.  These are 8" x 8" and about 3/4" thick.  The series of five tiles is called "Ceramics in the Electronic age".  It was really nice of Stephanie to have me in the show and it was great to get a break from making the flowerpots and do something a little more artsy.  Ok...back to the wheel.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Incense Burners

I can't help but make these incense burners.  They are fun, functional and pretty cool to look at.  I used to make these all the time but then the hanging flowers pots consumed my existence and it seemed everything else fell by the waste side.  Candice is pushing me to diversify my Etsy shop.  So this was the first thing I made!  What do you think?

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Bird Feeders

Our friend, Dee Buck, asked if I was interested in making some bird feeders for their shop.  I thought it was a great idea and happy to oblige.  They seemed well received at the Rockport show this past weekend and I am excited to get more listed on my Etsy site.  If you are in Gruene, Texas you can stop by Buck Pottery and check them out.  Here is a little sneak peek.