Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Perch or no perch???

Hey there, the bird houses continue to develop.  The first batch of 14 went really well but the question of having a perch or not was on the mind of birders.  In an attempt to make a nice birdhouse that birds will use and folks will want in their gardens we are trying new things.  If you are a birder and have thoughts...I'd be glad to her them.

This past weekend we did the Zilker Garden Show in Austin texas.  Here is a shot of the two houses side by side.  In the shot you can see the perch or no perch option and the smaller hole size in the no perch option.  The smaller hole size is what we are currently using on all the bird houses.  After the drying and firing shrinkage the hole is not at about 1" to 1 1/8".  The birders like it better...time will tell what the birds think.


  1. Hubby's Grandma informed me, when I told her the birdhouses I made for her didn't have perches, that "experts" (remember this is third-hand info) say that a perch can be regarded as a way for predators to hold on and get in. Can't say I've seen many snakes hanging onto bird perches, but she knows bird a whole lot better than I do.

    1. Thanks for the information Sloan! We will share that bit of advice with folks at the art fairs too!

      Have a great day!